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A Locally Owned Ready Mix Concrete Supply Company that Utilizes State of The Art Equipment

Delivery On Your Schedule With Short Notice Availability!

  • No Hot Loads Guaranteed
    • Ready Mixed Cocrete is a perishable product. We Changed All That! Our concrete is always fresh no matter how long we're on the road or on the job site.
  • Consistent Mix
    • The mix is the same from start to finish. Unless of course you want us to change it, because we also offer different products in the same delivery.
  • Water to Cement Ratio
    • As we only add water as the concrete is being made (one time only) it never has to be tempered. Our concrete typically uses as much as 10-20% less water. Less water means less shrinkage, less curling, less cracking and happier customers.
  • Cure In Place
    • Because the concrete is always only seconds old, you get 100 % of the curing process in place where you want it. Unlike a barrel mix that keeps breaking the mix for 20-30-40 min. or even an hour or more as it’s trying to set up. The result is a forgiving mix that gives you time to work, especially in hot weather.

Solve The Most Common Difficulties Contractors Have Working With Concrete.

  • Only Pay For What You Use
    • Our state of the art equipment can measure exactly how much concrete you use. Therefore, you can roughly estimate what you need and not worry about running short, paying for too much, or paying for what you don't use. Most deliveries end up being less that what was ordered saving you money. Try sending back that yard or two that you didn't use and not paying for it with a barrell truck! We do it many times every day.
  • Different Product - Same Delivery
    • Our equipment is capable of changing mix design and slump on site. Add fiber, admixtures, or change the PSI. We can pour a footer at 2500 PSI then reset gates and pour a 4000 PSI pad while adjusting admixtures and water to customers preference.
  • Dispatch – Sales
    • We offer professional advice to help make your project successful. Do it yourself projects - let us consult! schedule on time delivery! approximate pricing. Arrange for any services or tools you may need, i.e. concrete pumps, concrete buggies, concrete hand tools, concrete finishers. We offer complete project contract referral.
  • Fast Return To Service
    • Our state of the art equipment and specialty cementisous products can return roads, bridges, parking/loading areas, air port runways or anything else thats concrete back to service in 2 hours or less after the pour. Cylinder tests typically reach 3500 PSI in 2 hours.
  • Minimum Orders - Large Orders
    • Although we have a minimum charge for a delivery there is no minimum quantity required. We can dispense a 5 gallon bucket, a wheelbarrow or hundreds of cubic yards.
  • 24/7 Delivery
    • We offer services unlike traditional concrete suppliers. We can arrange for off hour and holiday delivery for plant and business shut downs and emergency situations. Additional charges may apply.
  • Drivers - Operators
    • Our professionals are helpful and experienced in most applications of concrete and concrete finishing. Our trucks are equipped with wheelbarrows and most finishing tools.
  • Totally Portable Operations
    • This enables us to supply concrete to very remote areas efficiently while producing the same high quality concrete. We deliver to islands, mountainous regions and hard to reach areas. We can do this on fairly short notice and some pretty tight areas like on a barge in the middle of a river or bay.

We Deliver The Highest Quality and Consistent Concrete Available.

Standard Concrete Mix

1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 400, 5000, 6000 PSI.

  • Pea Gravel Mix
  • Curb Mix
  • Floawable Fill
  • Dry Pak
  • Pervious

One of our most knowledgeable customers, Dave, states “Because the concrete is fresh and the best concrete we can buy in the market, we can confidently guarantee materials and workmanship on any job we install.” That says it all!

Stamp Mix

Users of our Stamp Mix have found it to be very easy to work with for two main reasons.

1st - We blend a large amount of pea gravel #78 stone with #57 stone resulting in a very easy to stamp mix. The lower water to cement ratio reduces the risk of shrinking, curling and cracking.

2nd - Because our set time is very consistent and predictable, one user stated, “I can can set my watch by it and know when it is time to stamp - there are never any surprises”.

Again, if the user runs into a problem, our waiting on site has no effect on the concrete. No Hot Loads Guaranteed!

Pump Mix

Our ability to adjust any component of the mix design on site in any direction at anytime makes our pump mix easy to use. Our operator’s can fine tune the mix to exactly how the pump operator and concrete contractor needs or wants it!

Recently while supplying concrete for a pump job at a local tank farm, the operator said “The guy who put this mix together knows what he’s doing!” If things take longer than expected there is no deterioration of the product; it is the same high quality start to finish.

Pervious Concrete

Our less than ten second process assures the same consistent quality product with the first quarter yard as the last. A full 10 yards per truck, truck after truck. If there is a hold up on the job, not a problem, we can wait. Higher strength and less spalling is assured with our process, due to the exact consistent control of water to cement ratio throughout the load. You cannot buy a better pervious concrete mix.

High Rock Blends

Special blending of rock sizes maximizes rock as a percentage of the mix, reducing sand and cement paste. This produces an extremely low water to cement ratio that is far less susceptible to curling, cracking or shrinkage. Super flat. Super strong.

Rapid Setting

Polecat Concrete On Call has worked closely with several companies in the development and use of rapid setting concrete.

These special mixes can reach 3500 PSI on average in two (2) hours and final strengths of 6000 to 10000 PSI. These products are regularly used by state D.O.T.’s for Fast Return to Service of bridge decks and roadways, as well as by industrial plants that have very short shut-down windows for repair and improvements.

Our equipment capabilities are completely portable for small or large projects throughout the southeastern USA, even the most remote areas such as off-shore and islands.

Flowable Fill / Block Fill

Our equipment can solve your problems on site. Rough estimates of what you need makes your jobs easy! Only pay for what you use, we always try to bring extra! We can add or remove water from the mix as we go along, whatever the situation requires.

Acid/Alkalai Resistant

Blast Proof, Alkali or Acid Resistant, High Heat and Super High strength 8000 – 10000 PSI. Polecat Concrete On Call has worked closely with the development of New Age Concrete for highly specialized and difficult situations. Call us with your problems. We like challenges!