New Equipment, More Equipment, New Technology, and More Experience Give You the Customer Better Services and the Best Quality Concrete You Can Buy!

Our Current Fleet Consists Of:

  • (6) 10 Cubic Yard Concrete Trucks
  • (1) 18 Ton Dump Truck
  • (3) 6 Ton Dump Trailer
  • (1) 10 Ton Flat Bed Truck
  • (1) 24 Ton Portable Silo
  • (1) 24 Ton Tractor w/ Aggregate Trailer
  • (2) Front End Loaders
  • Concrete Buggies, Skid Steers, Water Loaders, Back Hoes, Support Tracks, and even more!

Polecat Concrete On-Call is totally mobile and can service local Wilmington area projects as well as remote, distant, or difficult-to-access areas, and still produce the same high-quality concrete.